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All shown kitchen utensils is also available in our website, to order in the shop Already tried? Of course, tested by amateur cooks and professionals! Advice on request is our thing. try it out, person or on the phone at 04282-5937680

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Strawberry cake Eierliquer

What does the Easter Bunny today conjured us on the table? A homemade strawberry cake Egg Liquer. there are cakes for Easter tired.

This cake was within 10 eaten minutes.

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Rabbit cake for Easter

Today the rabbit on the table. A bunny cake with chocolate cookies. The shape of a rabbit there is also determined with Karl Otto, or?

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Spargelzeit (Soup)

Here is an asparagus soup with a shrimp, Asparagus tips and a little cress. The asparagus dishes with lemon give the asparagussud. The sautéed asparagus tips with shallots in butter and Wehrmut (NoillyPrat) quenched. The asparagussud the asparagus pieces, 10 simmer minutes, durchpürieren, some cream to, finished.


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Today I first asparagus from farmers bought my confidence. Ready peeled and ready to cook.

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make yourself is the key. stale bread, rock hard as possible (no moisture for mold growth) chop and shred in a blender! I always different sorts at the start: from the brine, Grain bread or normal.


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Chicken breast in onion cream sauce

Was lazy today! Ingredients bought yesterday and in the oven at 170 *C convection for 35 cooked minutes. Really delicious!

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Dinner in the Harz

Yesterday we had a wonderful evening dinner at a great Harz Hotel. The meat was right to the point and the sauce with the mushrooms tasty. Hmmmmm…

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Dry Aged Roastbeef Sous Vide

For tonight I prepare roast beef sous-vide at 57,5 *C (medium) to. To this was remoulade and pizza rolls.

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Meatballs with gorgonzola sauce

Had ground beef in the refrigerator, that had been aroused and away Gorgonzola sauce. Together a great combination.

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